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medica Liberia, formerly medica Mondiale Liberia, is a non-governmental women's rights organization working in Liberia. mL works with survivors of Gender-Based Violence and provides a holistic stress trauma-sensitive approach that incorporates health, legal, psychosocial, and advocacy approaches based on feminist principles.

Since 2006, mL has been implementing programs for women and girls in urban and rural Liberia including Southeastern Liberia.

Our motivation

Why we exist

"1 in 3 women has experienced Sexual and Gender-Based Violence at some point in their lives, with even higher levels registered in West Africa". For nearly two decades, medica Liberia has been at the forefront of the fight to end sexualised wartime violence and address the aftermath of violence against women and girls.

medica Liberia is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and assistance to survivors of violence, contributing to creating a future free from violence and inequality for all

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