River Gee County

mL began working in River Gee County after its establishment in Liberia in 2006 and implemented projects between 2006 – 2013. During our operation in the county, mL has successfully established SGBV Protection Networks, – existing community and school structures supported to respond sensitively to incidents of Violence against Women and Girls; provided direct SGBV support to over 873women and girls survivors of SGBV; Supported capacity building of over 37 SGBV actors in national-level institutions and CSOs to respond to survivors using the trauma-sensitive approach;  built peace huts to support to the immediate post-conflict peace and reconciliation processes.


In 2007, medica mondiale Liberia constructed and dedicated the Fish Town Women and Girls Center in River Gee. The center was established with the purpose of providing comprehensive support and services to women and girls who have experienced sexualized violence or other forms of gender-based violence. In addition to addressing the immediate needs of survivors, the center also focuses on promoting economic empowerment as part of its holistic approach. The Fish Town Women and Girls Center aims to create a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can access vital resources, receive counseling and medical support, and participate in skill-building programs to enhance their economic independence.


A Liberian woman with her child at the opening of the medica mondiale women's centre in Fish Town, Liberia, in 2007. Photo: ©

Through constructive engagement, policy advocacy, and campaigns, mL has collaborated with other actors to influence the public and decision-makers to promote women’s human rights and change perceptions of women and girls; with the overarching goal of improving the status of women, girls and marginalized groups tackling issues including but not limited to coordination of SGBV services at county level, gender-sensitive legal reforms, harmful practice , women land rights, sexual reproductive health and rights, and school related gender based violence.