Sinoe County

mL began working in Sinoe County after its establishment in Liberia in 2006. Between 2006 – Present.Since operating in  the county, mL has successfully established SGBV Protection Networks, – existing community and school structures supported to  respond sensitively to incidents of Violence against Women and Girls; provided direct SGBV support to over  2,781  women and girls survivors of SGBV; Supported  capacity building of over 125 SGBV actors in national-level institutions and CSOs to respond to survivors using the trauma-sensitive approach; established 15 Village Savings and Loans Groups consisting of  survivors of violence;  Set up five (5)  anti- Sexual Exploitation and  Exploitation and Abuse Committees in schools ; and Trained over 50 school actors in School Related Gender Based Violence;  

Through constructive engagement, policy advocacy, and campaigns, mL has collaborated with other actors to influence the public and decision-makers to promote women’s human rights and change perceptions of women and girls; with the overarching goal of improving the status of women, girls and marginalized groups tackling issues including but not limited to coordination of SGBV services at county level, gender-sensitive legal reforms, harmful practices against women and girls, women land rights, sexual reproductive health and rights, and school related gender based violence.