What We Do

1. We provide Direct Stress and Trauma Sensitive Support:

medica Liberia (mL) provides direct support to survivors of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) by offering information on human rights, accompanying them to court, and providing legal representation. mL also offer a wide range of psychosocial, legal, and sexual reproductive health services, which can be accessed through our hotline numbers. These services are also available both in-person and online. To access these services, individuals can reach out to mL hotline numbers at +231 778 032838 or +231 881 880-016.


2. We strengthen Community-Based Organizations and Structures to Respond to and Prevent SGBV:

mL has successfully established SGBV Protection Networks – existing community and school structures supported to respond sensitively to incidents of Violence against Women and Girls. mL also creates and supports linkages between community structures working on prevention and response and national-level SGBV structures.


3. We Advocate for Women’s and Girls Rights:

As a feminist organization, medica Liberia is deeply committed to upholding feminist principles. Our primary focus revolves around working for and alongside women to achieve gender equality and ensure their freedom from violence and discrimination. medica Liberia actively supports women by raising awareness of violence against women and girls (VAWG) and advocating for policy reforms that tackle the underlying causes of gender discrimination. We strive to create a society where women’s rights are secured, empowering them to live a life free from violence and inequality.


4. We Promote Women’s Economic Justice:

medica Liberia creates awareness of women’s economic rights and justice issues, improves their access to information, and strengthens their capacity to influence policies that create more secure livelihood opportunities, including protection from violence. mL improves women’s economic empowerment by training them in basic financial management and giving them small loans through it’s Village Saving Loan Association (VSLA) program.


5. Capacity Development: 

Over time, medica Liberia has recognized the ongoing necessity to enhance the capacity of legal and health professionals operating within the public sector. We also extend our efforts to community-level engagement, collaborating with community and traditional leaders. Our primary focus is to expand the knowledge and expertise of public service providers in delivering gender-responsive care to survivors. Simultaneously, we aim to raise gender awareness among community and traditional leaders. By undertaking these initiatives, we strive to promote a more inclusive and informed approach to addressing gender issues at both institutional and community levels. within medica Liberia, we strive for quality service to be provided by our staff. To ensure this, we’ve organized and trained a pool of trainers. It serves as a cornerstone for anchoring our core competencies, including the empowerment-based approach and the Stress and Trauma-sensitive Approach (STA).

Our Mission
medica Liberia is a feminist organization committed to transforming society and supporting women and girls affected by all forms of violence through psycho-social, health, and legal counseling, capacity development, advocacy, and advancement of women’s rights.
Our Vision
At medica Liberia, we envision a just and violence-free society where women and girls live in dignity.
Our Values
medica Liberia (mL), formerly medica mondiale Liberia, is a non-governmental women’s rights organization working in Liberia. As part of our core mandate, we deal with women and girls affected by Gender-Based Violence. A key component of our work is the provision of direct services to survivors of Sexual Gender-Based Violence (SGBV).
From A Glance
Since 2006, medica Liberia has been implementing programs for women and girls in Liberia’s south-eastern parts. Currently, our work cuts across our operational communities in four counties: Sinoe, Rivergee, Grand Gedeh, Margibi, and Montserrado. With support from the German government, UNDP, and other donors, mL has over the years established itself as a haven for women experiencing gender-based violence and is one of the leading women’s rights organizations in Liberia.

About Us

medica Liberia, formerly Medica Mondiale Liberia, is a non-governmental women’s rights organization working in Liberia. mL works with survivors of Gender-Based Violence and provides a holistic stress trauma-sensitive approach that incorporates health, legal, psychosocial, and advocacy approaches based on feminist principles.


Since 2006, mL has been implementing programs for women and girls in urban and rural Liberia including Southeastern Liberia


Our Management Team

Atty. Yah Vallah Parwon

Country Director

Meitta-Ricks Lamini

Human Resource Manager

Adjwoa Odoom-Fromah

Head of Finance

Major Donors